The Modern Nature Legacy2

Fall/Winter 2022

Fall/Winter 2022 collection “The modern nature legacy” We create works from natural materials. Including the design to convey the beauty and emphasize the strength of the fabric, always taking into account the value of nature.

Noriko Casual

Create special outfits for casual days

Creating clothes that are easy to wear on casual days is the main reason for this collection. In addition to blending Thai style with the modern era. We also focus on designing so that it can be easily mixed and matched with other outfits. You can create your own style of dressing without getting bored….

The Modern Nature Legacy

Fall/Winter 2022

Fall/Winter 2022 Collection  “The modern nature legacy”  We create works from natural material style design of materials to convey beauty and highlight the strength of the fabric taking into account the value of nature at all times. Experience the meticulous, deep and peaceful works. through a set that represents the identity of Thailand that blends well with the modern era as well.

Tribal Archives

Spring/ Summer 2022

As the collection’s name suggests, the Tribal archives collection is heavily inspired by the tribal culture in Thailand and its art and craft. Many of the fabric we used to create this collection is made from the local tribal community themself. As a result, the color palette of this collection is incredibly unique and vivid….

Along with Nature

Fall / Winter 2021

For this collection, we borrow the color palette from our beautiful nature flowers, plants, and trees. Our design is a mix between casual wear and formal wear, focusing on clothing silhouette that is easy to be wear and feel comfortable while moving. In addition, we try to present traditional Thai wear in a modern style…

Noriko Casual

Design for your everyday life

Our concept’s all about creating clothes that are easy to wear. It’s intentionally designed to be easy to move, durable, and meet your everyday look. Based on the idea of LifeWear. Each design is simple yet gives a different feeling when mixing and matching with other items. What happened today is that everyone realizes that…

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