At Noriko, our mission is to combine traditional Thai craft and culture into a one-of-a-kind sustainable, high-quality product for our customers.
In addition, we want to be a brand that supports our orthodox handcraft community and Thai tradition. We create clothing thoughtfully to make people feel connected with their traditional roots, to feel creative, beautiful, empowered, and sophisticated.

What We Care About

At Noriko, we are dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility at every supply chain step. Therefore, we produce slowly in small batches. As a result, most of Our product is considered unique one-of-a-kind product. Our process included natural dyers, a handcrafted textile woven by our local community. In addition, we are in partnership with other environmentally sound vendors and suppliers.

We strongly believe that sustainability is a process that should constantly be improved, and more people should be paying more attention to this subject. Our in-house production is full of hardworking, skillful women who are doing their best to create our handcrafted pieces. We ensure they are paid above minimum wage, have health care support, and are kept safe and empowered in our community.

We are proud of ourselves, knowing that the product we create is good for the earth, good for the people and community who make it. But, most importantly, it’s good for you.

Good For The Earth

Eco-ethical brands prioritize long-lasting materials, so there will be less need to use new resources as well as it can help in reducing waste. Ethical and Sustainability clothing aims to improve the quality of human life without putting unnecessary strain on the earth's supporting ecosystems.
It's about creating an equilibrium between consumerist human culture and the living world. Fashion needs to be sustainable in every part of its life cycle so that the Environment and society do not become the victims of our "trends"

Good For The Communities

There are many upsides reasons to supporting the Thai craft community.
First, by buying and using a product created from Thai Fabric, you know you are helping the local community remain their job and support their art.
By doing that, you are also helping our community inherit our knowledge and technique of handcrafting to the next generation. Our traditional, and our value as a Thai as well.
One of the most distinguishing features of craft-based products is that each is uniquely different. Depending on the artist who makes it, every hand behind the craft is individual. It adds its own identity or soul, irrespective of the same techniques or ingredients. These irregularities make each product unique and leave room for a personal relationship with it to blossom.

Good For You

"It's Unique & Lasts longer "
Because Ethical clothing is not mass-produced, it's often handmade and unique. Pieces that are carefully handcrafted using high-quality, natural materials should also last longer, saving you money in the process.
"It's toxin-free"
We are not only concerned about the safety and health of our workers but of our customers as well. This is why we hand-picked materials free of carcinogens and other toxic chemicals.
"It makes you proud"
Because of all the positive things Ethical clothing does, from supporting disenfranchised workers to empowering women, improving local communities and saving the earth. You can feel proud wearing an item of Ethical clothing, knowing you are a part that supports a slow fashion movement.

Our Founder

From the land of Cherry Blossom.

Our founder, Mrs. Noriko Rojanasena, was Born and raised in Chiba, Japan. After she married her high school sweetheart, she decided to move back with him to his home country of Thailand. While adjusting to her new life while raising a child, Mrs. Noriko took her artistic background to good use. She decided to spend her extra time designing clothes in her small workshop. It started as her hobby. First, she would sew and wear her own designed piece. Soon after receiving many compliments from her friends, she decided to establish her fashion brand named " Noriko" in 1962

Embracing Thai

During her time as a Fashion Designer, she came across Thai fabric.
She immediately fell in love with its unique pattern and beauty. Mrs. Noriko realized that not many Thai wore enough Thai textile and supported the Thai crafting community. She decided to shift her brand toward embracing Thai culture and community by designing modern clothing using Thai fabric.
Soon after that, her Thai ready-to-wear design is one of her most robust products, which is now a backbone product of our brand.

Uniquely crafted for your finest signature.

Noriko is a brand with a long heritage – bring Thai fabric to everyday life, and believe in a high standard of quality. Each design from Noriko is crafted to the core to enhance your statement but not overwhelm your signature. Every moment of your life is finest with Noriko.

The Color Culture

A vivid tapestry of heritage and hue that weave stories of tradition into multiple shades.

We work with silk community and craftsman in Thailand with more emphasis on tailoring since and appeared together, Women’s looks were “Mix colors culture” indistinguishable. Across both there was a Japanese confidence made possible by the perfect on a Thai Silk Gathered-detail asymmetric style. The sumptuous feel of a treated Thai Silk dress or the dresses that…

The Spirit of Modern Silk Road 2

Spring/Summer 2023

NORIKO takes you on a journey through the Silk Road culture. By showing stories through colorful patterns on the fabric Including shapes of ethnic clothing taken from many areas. Combined with the sewing techniques of highly experienced craftsmen to become “The Spirit of Modern Silk Road”