Noriko Casual

Noriko's New LifeWear Essentials Line

Our concept’s all about creating clothes that are easy to wear. It’s intentionally designed to be easy to move, durable, and meet your everyday look. Based on the idea of LifeWear. Each design is simple yet gives a different feeling when mixing and matching with other items.
What happened today is that everyone realizes that we don’t need a lot of clothes. We don’t want many things around us. We just want the right things. And that’s what we’re trying to do. We want our LifeWear Line to become something you can often pick up to use and want to keep for a long time.

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Latest Collections

The Spirit of Modern Silk Road 2

Spring/Summer 2023

NORIKO takes you on a journey through the Silk Road culture. By showing stories through colorful patterns on the fabric Including shapes of ethnic clothing taken from many areas. Combined with the sewing techniques of highly experienced craftsmen to become “The Spirit of Modern Silk Road”

Noriko Casual

Create special outfits for casual days

Creating clothes that are easy to wear on casual days is the main reason for this collection. In addition to blending Thai style with the modern era. We also focus on designing so that it can be easily mixed and matched with other outfits. You can create your own style of dressing without getting bored….